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GOMAC 2017: "Private Verification for FPGAs" and "OpTrust"

Graf Research will present two papers at GOMAC 2017.  The first is on the private verification of FPGA bitstreams: a method for verifying that bitstream contents are trustworthy without reverse engineering them.  The second is on OpTrust, the software tool that encapsulates our game theoretic decision engine for microelectronics trust.


Private Verification for FPGA Bitstreams
Jonathan Graf and Ali Asgar Sohanghpurwala

Abstract: We introduce private verification, a novel paradigm for trustworthy microelectronics design verification. Private verification methods and software simultaneously meet two requirements: (1) comprehensively verifying the design and (2) maintaining the privacy of certain aspects of the design, such as its implementation details or design format. We present an implementation of such a tool, entitled PV-Bit, which is capable of verifying the contents of FPGA bitstreams without exposing the details of the vendor-proprietary bitstream format or posing other security risks.


OpTrust: Software for Determining Optimal Test Coverage and Strategies for Trust
Jonathan Graf

Abstract: Building on our prior work in the theory and practice of applying game theory to determine optimal test strategies for hardware Trojan detection, we present the OpTrust software tool. OpTrust is an automated game solving tool that offers microelectronics developers guidance about the optimal test strategies to ensure the trustworthiness of their designs. It divides roles among a red team, a threat environment team, and the developer. In this way, complexity and sensitive information are hidden from developers, allowing them easy access to test guidance.

Research Award: Custom FPGA EDA Tools

Graf Research has been awarded funding to develop custom electronic design automation (EDA) software for Field Programmable Gate Arrays.  

Graf Research Awarded SBIR: "Irrefutable Tamper Logging"

Graf Research has been awarded a Phase 1 SBIR entitled "Irrefutable Tamper Logging."  On this project, we will create the GR-TLogger, a tamper logger that makes use of the key management capabilities of next-generation secure FPGAs to store tamper logs that are information rich, semi-permanent, and irrefutable.  

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